Package jregex

Interface Summary

Class Summary
Matcher Matcher instance is an automaton that actually performs matching.
Pattern A handle for a precompiled regular expression.
To match a regular expression myExpr against a text myString one should first create a Pattern object: Pattern p=new Pattern(myExpr); then obtain a Matcher object: Matcher matcher=p.matcher(myText); The latter is an automaton that actually performs a search.
PerlSubstitution An implementation of the Substitution interface.
Replacer The Replacer class suggests some methods to replace occurences of a pattern either by a result of evaluation of a perl-like expression, or by a plain string, or according to a custom substitution model, provided as a Substitution interface implementation.
A Replacer instance may be obtained either using Pattern.replacer(...) method, or by constructor: Pattern p=new Pattern("\\w+"); Replacer perlExpressionReplacer=p.replacer("[$&]"); //or another way to do the same Substitution myOwnModel=new Substitution(){ public void appendSubstitution(MatchResult match,TextBuffer tb){ tb.append('['); match.getGroup(MatchResult.MATCH,tb); tb.append(']'); } } Replacer myVeryOwnReplacer=new Replacer(p,myOwnModel); The second method is much more verbose, but gives more freedom.
RETokenizer The Tokenizer class suggests a methods to break a text into tokens using occurences of a pattern as delimiters.
WildcardPattern Simpified, command-prompt style pattern: ?

Exception Summary
PatternSyntaxException Is thrown when Pattern constructor's argument doesn't conform the Perl5 regular expression syntax.